How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Hi all, it’s time to welcome in August!  Super interesting, August was named in honor of Augustus Caesar. It is also intentional that it has 31 days, because Augustus wanted as many days as Julius Caesar’s month of July had. (They took that extra day from February. Must be true, I read it on the […]

Celebrate Summer!

This month brings us SUMMER!!! And hopefully we get to say GOODBYE WIND! I hope you all had a super May. Memorial Day was a time to remember all those who gave their life so that we could have the freedom we have in this amazing country. Thank you to all our Vets who so bravely […]

What Did A New House Cost in 1961?

Celebrate the Month of May! May’s Fun Facts In 1961 a new house cost $12,550.00 Alaska Is Simultaneously the Most Northern, Western, and Eastern State in the U.S. May of 1961 JFK signed the Fair Labor Standards Act Amendment raising minimum wage to $1.15 per hour. Average temperature in Prescott in May is high 76 and […]